Strasbourg & Rhone Alps Area

January 2006
(via Poland, Germany & Switzerland)

Without a good reason I really couldn`t imagine us to go for 12 days touring around Europe in the first days of January. Too cold, too wrong season for travelling...
But we had a reason, actually very good one.

In 12 days, 6 different countries, almost 5800 km, lot of new impressions and experiences, interesting and memorable meetings. Definately something exciting and different for our long and boring winter.


Leaving from Estonia, we had wet and rainy days here and this beautiful white winter in Germany seemed like winter-dreamland for us.
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Strasbourg (France)

Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, is located on the banks of the Rhine on the border with Germany. The city has changed hands between the Germans and the French a couple of times. Today it is a prosperous, beautiful and modern city, big enough to have a metropolitan air. You could call Strasbourg a truly European city: it is the seat of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights.
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The Barrage Vauban (Vauban’s Dam), designed to protect Strasbourg from river-bound attack, is at Petite France district
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Petite France- The "little France" Strasbourg
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Petite France- The "little France" is an area in Strasbourg.
It is located on the Grande Île (Main Island), where the river Ill splits up into a number of canals, and cascades through a small area of half-timbered houses.

The name "Petit France" was created by the former German inhabitants not for architektonical reasons, but for the great density of prostitutes working there in the middle-age. The "politically correct" term for "the oldest business in the world" in former times in Germany was "The French Business".

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Petite France- The "little France" Strasbourg
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Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathédrale).
The Cathédrale de Nôtre Dame soars over Strasbourg's old town, built from 1190 - 1439, the highest medieval building in Europe with height of 142 m

Geneva (Switzerland)
We arrived to Geneva (Switzerland) in the dark and what a view in the city centre!
Rousseau Island, in Geneva, where lac Leman meets the Rhône river. This small island, set up as a park, was all lighted up by night in blue and white lights.
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Annemasse & Gaillard (Rhone Alps Area, France)

The region of the Alpes consists of one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the world, the French Alps. The highest mountain of Western Europe, the Mount Blanc (4,807 m) is located here.

Annemasse is a second largest town of the Haute- Savoie, has a border with Geneva and situates between Mounts Salève (1,375 m) and Voirons (1,400 m).

Gaillard Town is located at the borders of the Rhone-Alps Area and is next to Geneva. The proximity of Geneva supports the development of tourism and businesses that explains the presence of many hotels and restaurants.

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Mont Blanc

Rhone Alpes

Rhone Alpes, Saleve

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On the walk in Annemasse

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And finally... a main reason of our trip- visit to La Vigie Kennel.
Me and Mr. Laurent Pichard in January 2006.




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