Odessa, Ukraine
August 1989

Odesa (Odessa)
The Black Sea Pearl

"... I have not felt so much at home for a long time as I did when I "raised the hill" and stood in Odessa for the first time. It looked just like an American city; fine, broad streets, and straight as well; low houses (two or three stories), wide, neat, and free from any quaintness of architectural ornamentation; locust trees bordering the sidewalks (they call them acacias); a stirring business-look among the streets and stores; fast walkers, a familiar new look about the houses and everything. Look up the street or down the street, this way or that way, we saw only America. There was not one thing to remind us that we were in Russia [sic]*. We walked for some little distance, reveling in this home vision, and then we came upon a church and a hack-driver, and presto: the illusion vanished!"

-- from Mark Twain's Innocents Abroad

*Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire at the time this was written.

From left: Meelis, me & my brother Hillar- all our gang on three weeks Odessa trip

Estonian boys and Ukrainian roses.
Our blond boys became a real "trademark" among a local girls and some neighbours
came to say hello just to see these Scandinavian blonds with own eyes. :-))

On the beach of Black Sea

Odessa Railroad Station, first place where we arrived

An Orthodox monastery near the railroad station.
Under Soviet rule it was used as as a planetarium, but is now being restored.

Park in the city centre

The Maritime Stairs, known popularly as the Potemkin Steps


Odessa. Primorskyi Bulvar




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