Riga, Latvia
Spec. Show for 8th Group
December 2004

American Cockers results:

BOB Puppy- Double Planet`s Miss Mystification
BOS Puppy- Double Planet`s Master Thief

BOB Junior- Double Planet`s Feel My Energy

Best Male 1- N Aralaim`s Golden Moris- BOS
Best Male 2- Charles Dickens Speed Limit- CQ, CAC
Best Male 3- Marlboro Nickname Star

Best Female 1- Aqua- Stone Perfect Pearl- BOB, BIS-3
Best Female 2- Willsteff`s Charming Willow- CQ, CAC

BOB Veteran- Dallas
BOS Veteran- Cayanne

Max in ring


Prepare to Best Male competition-
Irina with Fly and me with Max

BOB Puppy- Double Planet`s Miss Mystification and
BOS Puppy- Double Planet`s Master Thief

Double Planet`s Feel My Energy- BOB Junior

Best Female competition

BOB- Aqua- Stone Perfect Pearl and BOS N Aralaim`s Golden Moris

With our Latvian friends:
from left- Ülle with Heidi, kennel Ellerdona- Estonia
Irina with Fly- from Latvia
Nonna with Fibi, kennel Willsteff`s- Estonia
Me with Max- Estonia
Nata with Beauty- Latvia



Thank you girls for a great time in Riga! :-)

All Spec. Show photos are © by Ilona Sula, Irina Nesterenko & Nata Fedcehnko.

About Riga

There is 307 km distance between Tallinn and Riga, what makes Riga one of closest capital cities to Tallinn, after Helsinki.

Riga- the capital of Latvia, was officially founded in 1201. It`s a largest and most cosmopolitan Baltic capital, with a population of 800,000. Riga has been a multi-cultural city through its 800-year history.
Riga is regaining its reputation as a fun-filled and forward-looking city. Increasingly confident Rigans are again applying the city’s pre-war label: the Paris of the Baltics.

Wet December isn`t best time to take photos, so I`ll add some pics of Riga tooken in summer months.

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